Tomboy Plaid Cotton Fabric Green POCFG20709 Farmgirls Unite by Lori Woods for Poppie Cotton

$10.52 $11.56

Embrace the shared spirit of adventure with the Tomboy Plaid Green Fabric from the Farmgirls Unite collection by Lori Woods for Poppie Cotton. Celebrating women's unique differences and commonalities, this collection brings a fresh perspective with its charming depiction of tiny strawberries nestled in the intersections of a green, diagonal plaid. Crafted from 100% cotton and boasting a versatile width of 44"/45", this fabric is perfect for projects that echo the strength and unity of women everywhere. Whether you're crafting a quilt, designing apparel, or creating home decor, the Tomboy Plaid Green fabric adds a touch of whimsy and solidarity to your creative endeavors.