A reading themed collection designed by Kris Lammers for Maywood Studio.

Little Ones

A collection focused on the love of nature by Dawn Rosengren for Henry Glass.

Welcome to my store

Hi there, and welcome to my store! My name is Annie and I am delighted you have made it this far.

I always wanted to own a small business but never thought it would happen. I had my hands full as a single mom raising 3 little girls and, truthfully, the odds were just not in my favor.

Next thing I knew, the kids had grown up and I had became middle-aged and empty nested; ultimately disappointed with this ride called life.

At my absolute lowest, I was desperate for change. Working hard to live a better life, I went looking for a healthy hobby. After piecing together my first quilt, I realized that I could apply the same technique to life.

When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.

Now I have three gorgeous grandkids and a fabric store of my very own! Best of all, my health is literally better than ever and happiness is a natural state of mind! All because I decided to sew a quilt together💞

Please enjoy browsing my store & follow me on FB & Instagram. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions or comments!

I don't know how long this dream will last but I sure am glad you're a part of it!🌈

Your new friend, Annie