Star Spangled Beach

Get ready for an exhilarating collection that fuses Americana with the beach.

My Thanks To You!

Simply place an order with a US shipping address on February 23rd 2024 and enjoy free shipping! No code necessary. No minimum order value required.

Spring Has Sprung

A delicate, pastel collection that celebrates all the wonders of spring.

Shadow Play

Maywood Studio's well-established collection is beloved by countless quilters! Click here to see what shades I have in stock.

Woolies Flannel

Little Lambies by Bonnie Sullivan is a luscious collection of oh-so-soft flannels in 22 gentle shades of pastel.

Beautiful Basics

Quilters everywhere rely on Maywood Studio for fabulous blenders. Click here to see what is available today. If you don't see what you need, ask me to order for you!

Welcome to my store

Welcome to my store! My name is Annie & I am so grateful that you are here!

Have you ever heard that phrase? The one that says 'do more of what makes your heart happy'? Well, my friends, that's the whole vibe of this adorable store!

Health & happiness haven't always come easily to me. When I learned to piece a quilt top, I was in desperate need of change. Longing for happiness & a healthy body, I decided to try an old fashioned, wholesome hobby. Little did I know how profoundly the process of making those first quilt tops would impact the way I looked at life.

When life gives you scraps, make a quilt!

My love for quilting manifested rapidly into a fabric addiction (sound familiar? lol). With a refreshed state of mind, I found myself happy & healthy on levels I had long forgotten were possible.

Life has showered me with blessings & opportunities since I decided to fill my world with fabric & sewing. Each one of you is considered to be on that list. Please enjoy browsing my store & follow me on FB & Instagram. I can't wait to share a cut of my happiness with you !

❤️Your new quilty friend, Annie