Hippie Chick Cotton Fabric Blue POCFG20706 Farmgirls Unite by Lori Woods for Poppie Cotton

$10.52 $11.56
Dive into the essence of unity with the Hippie Chick Blue Fabric from the Farmgirls Unite collection by Lori Woods for Poppie Cotton. This collection, inspired by women worldwide, showcases our unique differences and shared commonalities through its vibrant designs. The Hippie Chick Blue fabric, featuring 100% cotton and a width of 44"/45", embodies this spirit with its engaging blue hues. Perfect for quilting, crafting, and apparel projects, this fabric not only adds a splash of color to your creations but also carries a message of global sisterhood and harmony. Embrace the diverse beauty of the Farmgirls Unite collection and let the Hippie Chick Blue fabric inspire your next project.