Dog Play on Gray Quilting Cotton Fabric 43"/44" CLTY3875-7 - A Day In The Park by Anita Jeram for Clothworks

Delight in the whimsical charm of 'A Day In The Park' by Anita Jeram for Clothworks, where every piece tells a story of canine capers and joy. This enchanting fabric, set against a serene gray background that resembles linen texture, captures the essence of dogs enjoying their best day out. From playful fetch to blissful rolls in the mud, these illustrations bring to life the endearing antics of man's best friend. Crafted from 100% cotton with a width of 43"/44", this fabric is perfect for quilting, apparel, and home decor projects that call for a touch of heartwarming and whimsical design. Celebrate the simple joys of park days with this beautifully designed collection, making every creation a tribute to the love and adventures shared with our furry companions.