Gritty Gal Red Quilting Cotton Fabric POCFG20717 Farmgirls Unite by Lori Woods for Poppie Cotton

Celebrate the global sisterhood with the Gritty Gal Red Fabric from the Farmgirls Unite collection, designed by Lori Woods for Poppie Cotton. This vibrant red fabric is adorned with rows of tiny, delicate flowers, embodying the strength and beauty of women from all walks of life. Crafted from 100% cotton with a width of 44"/45", it offers both versatility and durability for your quilting, crafting, or apparel projects. The Gritty Gal Red Fabric is more than just material; it's a tribute to the common bonds that unite us, showcased through exquisite design and quality. Perfect for those who wish to weave themes of unity and courage into their creations.